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    Ishara Sandamini Abeywickrama participated


Pregnancy is indeed a beautiful time in a woman’s life.  As your child grows you want to do what is best for baby, from what you eat to changes in your lifestyle, they are all determined by how it will affect the baby.

There are never enough questions we can ask our doctors about what is right or what isn’t the right thing to do. Here are some commonly asked queries.

Q. I am thinking of getting pregnant. What should I do?

Answer – Have a pre-pregnancy check up with your doctor. Discuss your family history. If you are overweight make sure you get your blood pressure levels and diabetes under control.


Also indulge in a vitamin rich diet. Make sure you get enough folic acid in the first few months to prevent diseases like spina bifida in your baby.

Q. What causes morning sickness?

Morning sickness is a general feeling of nausea and vomiting experienced by women in the early stages of their pregnancy. Typical it is experienced in the mornings, hence the name but in some unfortunate cases can also last the entire day.

Usually morning sickness clears up after the first trimester. Experts say that experiencing morning sickness is a sign of a healthy pregnancy. Morning sickness is typically caused by the changes in a woman’s hormone levels, that is particularly the estrogen and progesterone levels. Morning sickness has also been called an evolutionary survival method, protecting the mother and the unborn baby from harmful foods.

Q. Should I exercise during my pregnancy?

Obviously it is not recommended that you train for a marathon whilst pregnant, but if exercise has been a part of your daily routine, still engaging in some light activity is beneficial to you and your baby.

It helps prepare your body for birth, leaves you more energized and also helps you get your shape back post pregnancy. Any form of exercise should first be discussed with your doctor. Some light exercise such as prenatal yoga or swimming are usually recommended.

Q. Pregnant mothers tend to have bleeding gums. Why is that?

All pregnant women experience bleeding gums during pregnancy. This is caused by pregnancy hormones which cause your gums to swell, become inflamed and bleed more easily. If you are experiencing severe bleeding of the gums, consult your dentist, inform him you are pregnant and rule out whether you are suffering from gum disease etc.

Maintain good dental care, top up on your calcium, try and avoid sweets if possible or brush soon after to reduce harmful residue in your teeth.

Q. What foods to avoid pregnancy?

It is good to maintain a healthy diet during your pregnancy, but you also are racked with weird and wonderful cravings. It is sometimes a puzzle to decide what not to eat. When you are pregnant it is best to avoid all uncooked foods, such as rare steaks, sushi, raw eggs, items that contain raw eggs like mayonnaise.


Soft unpasteurized cheeses also contain bacteria which are best avoided during pregnancy. Smoked meats and fish, and especially fish with high levels of mercury. Shellfish is also best avoided during this phase. In Sri Lanka we also have a variety of foods that we are traditionally asked to avoid when pregnant, for example pineapple, breadfruit, raw papaya are some to name a few.

Source: Life Online



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